Don Martin – CHEAP!

I could go on and on about Mad Magazine artist and genius Don Martin.

About the bendy fingers and feet…

About the final panels with the deadpan stares right at us

Or about the sound FX…

But instead, I’d like to talk about this book: The Completely MAD Don Martin. It came out a few years ago and has every drawing the man did for the magazine. It’s ginormous. I’m not kidding. The damn thing weighs 16lbs. It’s asking price then was $150 and I never saw it lower than $100.

Well, the good news (and bad news, sadly) is that it sold poorly enough that you can now get it NEW for about $32 at either the Strand in NYC or via sellers on Amazon! At that price, you can’t afford to not have it. Most are shipping it for a measly $4! I say run—don’t walk–to your nearest computer and order this right away.

I leave you with (perhaps) my favorite Don Martin comic, from 1974…


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5 responses to “Don Martin – CHEAP!

  1. Nick

    Funny, I did always love that particular cartoon, and it seems eerily prescient of the 9/11 memorial.

    Did you ever catch my own blog-o-mage to Martin’s stablemate Dave Berg?

  2. Great post, Nick! (And I recommend anyone who likewise grew up on MAD Magazine to check it out.)

    Nick, be sure to check out my comment on your post.

  3. I digitized some Mad flexi records some time back. I’ll post them back up on my site. Stand by.

  4. 1. Guess what happened in 2008? (We are still living in its aftermath.) And 2. Guess why the book wasn’t cataloged by the Library of Congress? Two major reasons the publication flopped. Lucky the fans who got a bargain.
    Mrs. Don Martin

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