Hyman Roth’s shirt(s)

A significant difference between the two Godfather films is that the first was made on a very low budget, while the second, benefitting from the success of the first, was quite a different story.

On the audio commentary for The Godfather, director Francis Ford Coppola repeats endlessly about compromised locations, restrictive shooting schedules, and constant corner cutting. On the commentary for The Godfather, Part II, he explains it was just the opposite: he was the goose that laid the golden egg and everything he needed was at his fingertips. That’s what makes this story from that commentary all the more amusing. It’s about one of the scenes in Cuba, with Lee Strasberg, and it’s a nice reminder that Coppola got his start with the barebones-yet-resourceful Roger Corman.

Before & After

Perhaps this is why Coppola decided to have Lee Strasberg topless in the next scene…

Hyman's hair shirt



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4 responses to “Hyman Roth’s shirt(s)

  1. illy c

    That is friggin’ hilarious. And a nice reminder that everything in film is fixable. If only that were true of real life.
    I thought you were taking a break!

    • Tom C.

      I’m glad you wrote about this. When we first heard it on the commentary, Holly & I couldn’t stop rocking ‘n rolling that scene back and forth to compare the shirts. I love cheats like this. One of my favs is the ‘Colonel Leighley’ in Apocalypse Now (I’d love to read your take on that sometime – do you take requests?).

      • Y’know, I would take a request for the ‘Colonel Leighley’ story…except I never heard of that before! I don’t know how such a juicy tidbit escaped me–is it mention in the Eleanor Coppola doc?–but it was news to me!

  2. Mom

    I just love behind the scene stuff like this although I seldom view the director’s comments whenI rent DVDs. I like your blog. Good stuff.

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