Led Zeppelin, by Way of Maxwell Smart

Is it my imagination or did Led Zeppelin crib part of “The Immigrant Song” from the Get Smart theme song?

The Immigrant Song: Maxwell Smart Style (0:29, right-click to download)

By the way, I couldn’t come up with a shticky name for this (some kind of pun combining Led Zeppelin and Get Smart, I suppose?). I’ll give bonus points to anyone who comes up with a clever name for this “mashup.”


Just in case this gives you the urge to hear the real thing (either of ’em):

Led Zeppelin – The Immigrant Song (2:19, right-click to download)

Irving Szathmary – The Theme from ‘Get Smart’ (0:54, right-click to download)


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5 responses to “Led Zeppelin, by Way of Maxwell Smart

  1. KPru

    Get Smarppelin’?

    • Thanks, Nick and Krissy. Both of these made me laugh–however, I think you’ll agree that this is a tough one, isn’t it? I mean, I put up in iTunes a list of all of Zeppelin’s songs and ran through them while muttering every reasonably popular Get Smart reference (“Would you believe,” 99, Maxwell Smart, Cone of Silence, etc.) and everything sounded forced.

      (I may use Get Smarppelin’ in my everyday life, however!)

      Even coming up with the artwork was a headache.

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