Dirty Harry’s Gun

(I had hoped to do something a little more special for you all on my birthday, but a ten hour computer scare rendered my whole day unproductive. And so I’m posting my “In Case of Emergency” entry. It’s a year old, but hopefully it will be new to most of you.)

A few years ago my buddy Tom brought this to my attention. It’s a wonderful aspect of Magnum Force (1973), one of the Dirty Harry films. I took that ball and ran with it, creating this three-and-a-half minute demonstration about sound design. (Please excuse the occasional patches of black. This is a sampler of how I teach a class.)


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4 responses to “Dirty Harry’s Gun

  1. Great stuff, and yet another example of how films are subtly (and not-so) reconfigured for DVD all the time. One of my least-favorite examples is the “cleaning-up” of Anthony Dod Mantle’s brilliantly scuzzy DV cinematography for 28 days later…, which was substantially brightened for home release.

    (As a side note, glad to hear my ear does not deceive me w/r/t the trademark Philadelphia accent. Nice to find your blog.)

    • Glad to have you! Thanks for the kind words.

      Wow, the accent’s that noticeable, huh. My three-year-old Brooklyn-born son always corrects me for the way I say “water”!

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  3. Christopher Russo

    Is the original audio on DVD?

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