Peanuts Week Begins

(Clips Update: I’m trying out VideoPress, which is WordPress’s flash player. It’s going to take me a few days to get all the clips back up, but I’m chipping away at it. One drawback I already notice about the player is that it doesn’t have AutoPlay–which means it won’t play the clip until it’s completely loaded. This isn’t a drawback, per se, but it’s not how YouTube behaves, so it’ll seem slower. The fact is, if the first thing you do is click “Play” when you begin reading the post, it’ll probably be loaded by the time you get to it. If you have any qualms–or praise–for WordPress’s Flash player, let me know. Thanks!!)

I had a real-deal post ready to go–one about Army pamphlets, of all things–and I realized it was kinda lame. So instead I’ll just announce the beginning of Peanuts Week here at Peel Slowly. (For a better explanation of what a Peanuts week is, read my post here.)

Every day until Saturday, I’ll recreate the week of June 9, 1958, when everyone, young and old, expectantly “tuned in” every daily to see whether or Charlie Brown could catch a ball. The banner will be updated every day, and if you need to play catch up, I’ll post the prior days’ strips in the About the Banner page.

Add’l reading in a subsequent post:
       • Peanuts Week: The Aftermath

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