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Zitner’s Butter Krak and the Addiction

Show of hands who’s ever had a Butter Krak Egg? If you raised your hand, then please bond with me at my guest post at Words to Eat By. If you never had one—and are partial to cocoanut (toasted and otherwise), buttercream and dark chocolate–then you simply must get all the details here.

And while you’re there, you can see what happens when a 4-year-old gets his first taste of this highly -addictive and insane seasonal, regional treat.

Remember, Harry: the first taste is free…

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Hot Dog Day Afternoon

I was born with a great metabolism, which meant my early years were a steady stream of people saying, “You’re so lucky!”, “How do you do it?” and “I wish I had your figure.” At some point in my mid-30s I realized I hadn’t heard any of those compliments in a few years. That’s when I concluded that the free ride was over.

Thanks to the combination of time, gravity and a happy marriage, my svelte figure has truly disappeared. Ten weeks ago, after seeing some depressing vacation photos, I decided I had two choices: either fastidiously Photoshop the pounds off the pictures OR go on my first diet ever. My wife, Debbie, an avid Weight Watchers supporter, and I took the WW plunge.

So far, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. I feel great and (according to Debbie) look better. So where do hot dogs fit it? Specifically a roadtrip to eat as many great hot dogs as possible in a single day? Well, as Tevye would say, “Tradition!”

I’m eager to initiate an annual Day of Hot Dog Eating, and the account of my recent trip is at Words to Eat By, my wife’s awesome blog. According to the Weight Watchers point system, I ate two days’ worth of food in an afternoon (and I still lost a pound by the end of the week!)


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