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All the President’s Cast & Crew

In 1980 I got a great little book called Who’s Who in American Film Now, by James Monaco, which can be best described as My First IMDB. It was a (semi-)comprehensive reference book with chapters devoted to actors, directors, writers, producers, etc., each with an alphabetical list of names and the work they’ve done (see sample here). Between that book and  this one, I was in a constant state of cross-referencing in my teen years. As indispensible then as the internet is now.

As you can imagine, it’s a dry book, occasionally peppered with captioned photographs. For example, in the Actors’ section, there’s a picture of John Lithgow, captioned as “John Lithgow”; in the Writers’ section, there’s a picture of Paul Schrader that says “Paul Schrader” below it; and so on. Out of nowhere, however, in the Directors’ section, there’s one that’s the Coolest Cast & Crew Picture Ever, with the Coolest Caption Ever:

Even at 11 years old, I got it, since, man, even though this pictue was for All the President’s Men, those guys were everywhere in the 70s. I think at least one of those actors was in every film made between 1965 and 1979. (Jack Warden was in 19 films in 1972 alone. Crazy.)


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Coming Soon: All the President’s Men

I saw the All the President’s Men trailer on laserdisc about 15 years ago. My buddy Jesse made a point to show it to me because it was so damn cool. It has all the earmarks of a great trailer: it evokes the film, without spoiling anything; doesn’t go on for terribly long; and includes elements or devices not used in the film (such as scenes cut from the film; footage shot specifically for the trailer; or some kind of animation).

I consider this particular post a public service since this great, great film has come out twice on DVD and neither version had this trailer. WTF?! So after waiting patiently for over a decade—and having grown bored of describing it to fellow fans of the film—I got the laserdisc off ebay; pulled my old, used laserdisc player out of the basement (17 years old and it still works!); plugged it into my computer; and liberated this chestnut.

Hopefully seeing this made you want to see the film, in which case I recommend clicking here. (If you buy it, Amazon gives me some bonus points or magic beans or something like that.)

By the way, if you really dig this trailer, then you can see another version here. This one is 30 seconds longer. The most significant addition is Nixon’s actual inauguration oath, which is a pretty mind-blowing way to end a trailer.


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